How to Get App Reviews from App Users?

App reviews and ratings often directly influence the app ranking in the App Store or the Google Play. More often than that, the volumes of reviews and ratings have a big impact on whether your app will top the search results and ranking charts or not. But how to get app reviews form your users? You can find your answer in this post!

Ask Users to Review

To prompt a plugin for review is quite controversial, but we believe it is feasible and workable if it doesn’t disturb and annoy users. So, we list the following tips for you:

  • Invite users to review in a polite manner.
  • Never force users to review.
  • Give users time to explore your app first.
  • Do not use any popups to interrupt users.
  • Put forward your request at the right time.

Provide Good Service Support

Good service support is helpful in getting more reviews and maintaining users. You should provide your users assistance in installation, troubleshooting, updating and so on. To do that, you can build a one-to-one-chat window to offer instant help, send e-mail to answer users questions, or reply to them on the official website and other social platforms.

 Fix Things Users complain About

To get app reviews, you need to fix things users complain about, too. Most users who review your app are generally not satisfied with your app. They review because they want to get response from you and hope that you can improve your app. So, fix everything users are complaining about and perfect your app, which pushes users to review and speak highly of your app.

 Buy App Reviews

Asking users to review can not always guarantee that all reviews you get are positive. So, we suggest that you buy good app reviews from app review service providers like BestReviewApp. However, there are some companies who use bots to make fake reviews. So, you’d better make a research on the company you choose, assess its credibility and make an agreement on payment to avoid being cheated.

Respond to Reviews

Users hope to receive responses from you! So, don’t let them down. Asking them to review is not enough, you need to listen to them and reply to them. You can reply to users on Google Play and communicate with them. This is a good way to turn 1 review into 5 or more reviews.

Incentivize Users

You can incentivize users to review, too. Reward those who write positive reviews for your app by sending them coupons, giveaways or even real cash. It will costs you a lot, but in this way, users are motivated to make reviews for your app. So, it is worth!


We hope that you can get app reviews from your users with these helpful 6 methods. Besides, we have written a guide on how to get app reviews before. So, if you are interested, you can click here to know more.

6 Factors to Consider When You Buy App Reviews


As an app developer, you are quite sure of the importance of reviews and ratings – they not only boost your app’s ranking, but also help you win potential users from your competitors. However, you also know that it is nearly a mission impossible to let people voluntarily review for your app. To solve this, you decide to buy app reviews from app promotion companies. Truly, this is a good idea. Now, learn these 6 factors you need to take into account when doing so.


The Internet is crammed with scammers and cheaters, you’d better check a service provider’s credibility to avoid risks. You can go through the provider’s official website to see if they have established a fine reputation, read customer reviews, or thoroughly study its former cases to see if it has kept its promises to its customers. In a word, do not easily trust these providers who make big promise but deliver bad results.


Both Apple and Android reject fake app ratings and reviews. Apple even considers to remove apps that contain fake reviews and deprive developers of app development accounts if they use fake reviews. So, when you buy app reviews, pick these companies who hire real and genuine users, instead of manipulating dozens of bots to review.

Review Quality

Good and positive app reviews definitely increase the visibility of your app and drive more traffic and downloads. Apple and Google tend to regard some reviews as fake, like “ it’s awesome” “ I like this app very much”, etc. To ensure the review quality, you therefore should set clear standards on the content, length and diction.

Service Support

If you intend to launch your app to both App Store and Google Play, then it is better if the company supports both iOS review and Android reviews. If you desire to target your app worldwide, then you’s better use the provider who has real users all over the world and supports global services. By doing this, you will find it more convenient to promote your app.


When you buy app reviews, you also need to account prices in. If the number of reviews has reached some app promotion companies’ preferential conditions, they will offer discounts and coupons for your purchasing. This helps to cut your costs. However, if some charge for an unreasonable price, then you should really think twice before taking action, for they are either cheating on you or ripping you off.


This is the ultimate reason why you buy app reviews from users. If the company you finally choose fail to deliver a satisfactory result, you should contact it instantly and require it to explain. You should even consider of terminating the contract immediately and even claim for refund if the provider still cannot keep its promise. Otherwise, it will costs you more losses.


It will helps you a lot if you take these 6 factors into consideration when you buy app reviews from an app review provider. Also, there are many other factors you need to know if you want to further successfully promote your app. Besides, if you have better suggestions, please let us know in the following comments. We will be appreciated of that!

What Are App Store Optimization Services?

App Store Optimization Services are services aimed at enhancing visibility of mobile apps. They help to ensure that your app meets the appropriate ranking criteria on app store so that it is returned in the top rank when searched.

App store optimization services involve finding the right keyword. This is followed by ranking them high. Any person who visits app store will be able to find them easily because they will be returned in the top results. By so doing, a visitor will become a user of the highly ranked apps.

Companies that provide app store optimization services know the words that are frequently used by users when searching for apps on Google Play or iTune. They base on such words to achieve their goal.

Top companies that provide app store optimization services use the best ASO tools that help to research and analyze keywords. This enables them to come up with keywords that deliver the best search results.

It is advisable to seek app store optimization services from companies with many years of experience in provision of this service. Experience matters a lot and is a guarantee that you will get the best service.

It is recommended that you hire affordable app store optimization services. This is because companies that provide this service are many and most of them offer competitive prices. However, price should not compromise quality.

It is always important to understand how ASO companies work when providing app store optimization services. Most of them begin by first analyzing your keywords. They then use ASO tools to create potential keyword list. The third step involves creating final keywords to be used. They also come up with SEO friendly title for your app. Furthermore, they will help you to choose appropriate app category.


In conclusion, app store optimization services are very important for any mobile phone user. They will help to increase visibility of your apps.